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I ended up with 3 back surgeries on the same disc... the last one in 2003.  In 2013, 10 years later, I felt twinges of back pain again that absolutely freaked me out. So I started with the Yax Brothers. My goal was to strengthen my core and prevent any new disc issues. And fast forward 8 years, I've had no new problems. I have the flexibility to do things I never thought I'd do. I'm super stoked. I'd recommend this to anybody who's working though back problems!
Kenny G.
When I started with the Yax Brother's Program, it was absolutely life changing. And mentally and physically I'm 95% better. I would say 100%, but the 5% is when I start slacking a bit. I was on prescription drugs... muscle relaxers and pain pills. I was going to the chiropractor, massage therapists, doctors... trying to get relief for back. Honestly, I know it sounds crazy, but  THEIR PROGRAM WORKED FOR ME! And it is AMAZING! Nothing else worked, and I've had back pain for a LONG time. If I bent over, my back would just get wrenched. I couldn't sit. I couldn't lay down. I couldn't walk. Everything hurt. My back hurt all the time. Now, I've never felt better. I've lost 21 pounds. And I am forever grateful!
Cindy H.
I started in the Yax system back in December 2020. I love it. It's great. It works. Why does the system work. It strengthens the core.  And it strengthens the muscles all around your back to stay in alignment. It keeps the pain away.  The Yax system works!
Kenneth K.
I began the Yax Brother's program 7 months ago. I can't believe the difference I feel in both my upper back and lower back. I had always carried my stress in my upper back, neck and shoulders. And after a car accident several years ago I injured my lower back. I could no longer work out, or go on long walks or hikes that I always loved to do. Practicing 3x a week or more if I can, my lower back and upper back is so much better. I no longer feel limited in the things I can do physically and I can do all the things that I love and enjoy again. If you're thinking of starting a program, the Yax Brother's program is the one for you. 
Marcy B.
After a snowboarding injury resulted in a ruptured disc, I was left in constant pain, sometimes unable to walk at all. Multiple doctor visits resulted in two neurologists telling me my only hope to walk again normally would be surgery. Exploring every other option I could find, I ended up in the Yax Brothers program. I could barely touch my knees on my first attempt in their program, but after several sessions a week, my pain began to improve and I was 100% pain free within 6 weeks. That was 15 years ago, and with 1 class a week, I’m still snowboarding, deadlifting, squatting (and any other exercise I want!) pain free. 
Dave C.
I first started with the Yax Brothers Program about 14 years ago. At the time, my friend and I were doing half marathons regularly but felt we needed more. What I didn’t realize at the time was this helped my back in so many different ways. Fast forward to about 3 years ago, I had a terrible bout with my back. The doctors were having trouble determining why I as able to touch my toes, bend over and touch the floor, use my legs in such a way that would normally be the cause of severe pain for most folks. By working with the Yax Brothers program, I was able to strengthen my body and am able to keep this back issue under control. By continuing to practice every day, even if it is for just a few minutes, it keeps my back issues in check. I am grateful for the programs the Yax Brothers offer because it helps me in my everyday life. I highly recommend them!
Gina H.
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